Monday, April 5

Bumble Bees!

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I don't know about where you live but it is GORGEOUS outside today! Finally get to type this in my chaise with the window open, soft breeze and fresh lemonade (wish it were wine)! I love a bee theme for a party or baby shower - so here is my collection of my favorites so far... you could sprinkle these in with any garden party, as well...

What a small, whimsical touch! Add little bees to flowers or poms around the party - it won't be overwhelming but it will be a sweet detail! Source

 Bee Pinata... you could take round pinata and cover design in yellow yarn and put a few bees on the "hive"... if you don't want to do a pinata, then you could cover balloons or styrofoam or something of the shape and hang around as decor.  Source

You might me tired of dying eggs... but how cute is this little craft! I would hang these guys everywhere! You could modify easily to be a butterfly too!  Source and tutorials

This honeycomb dessert would be a perfect fit! Source and recipe

Bumble bees with a piece of "honeycomb" chocolate in would be a fantastic dessert! Source

.... you could use these little edible sugar bees to top your cupcakes with! Super cute and super simple! Source

Beehive candles - either shaped in a beehive or just beeswax candles would make a great favor for your guests... Source

A beehive drink dispenser would cap off a buffet table! Found at Pier 1

Have to end on a sweet note! I love these bumble bee cookies! They are such a simple design, not over done... but so dang cute!  Source


  1. love all of these bumble bee ideas going around. Inspiring me to get something bee'ish created!



  2. Love the beehive made with yarn...cute ideas!


  3. I'm buzzed over all this cuteness!

  4. Great inspiration, I love everything.

  5. so cute! i love bees, and i really love yellow & black, so this is super cute. great idea with that drink dispenser too!

  6. WOW!! I seriously do not need one more idea..ha! I have my plate full but these are so cute!!! I already have that Pier1 jar...I had to have it when I saw it :) SO FUN!!! Those candles are my favorite!

  7. Super cute! Love the behive pinata! This would also be a cute v-day kids party idea, "Bee Mine" :)

  8. I love the yellow! Such a springey color! And there are so many fun Bee ideas buzzing around out there lately. (Okay...that was a bad joke, but I couldn't help myself! Bwahahahaha!)

  9. So so cute - love all of the inspiration!

  10. Thank you Kim :) Jealous of your "gorgeous outside day" as we move into Autumn... I want sunshine & bumble bees!! Such cute ideas & I love that piñata!!

  11. Wonderful ideas! Love love love the little bees!

  12. That bumble bee egg is the cutest thing ever!

  13. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the comments! Looks like it got everyone buzzing! (heehee... I'm with you Purple Pug and Lorie... puns are fun lol)

    Kim @ Frost Me!


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